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Google researcher Forshaw found and talked about privilege escalation bug in Windows.

It is unclear whether the earlier versions, Windows 7, specifically vulnerable.

Microsoft is working to release a security update to address the issue of privilege height is important to note that for a potential attacker to potentially use the system, they will be in the first place. 

Forshaw said that "It is a mistake to be disclosure period of 90 days. If 90 days pass without a widely available patch, the error report automatically become visible to the public." 




Very irresponsible of Google and its employees. Its not the first time something like this has happened with them.  Not much of an issue if you need access to a local account since most machines are on the network. The other thing is if you have the computer in front of you then you can pretty much get any data you want from it.




"The database has already one worried comment saying that automatically revealing a vulnerability just like that might be a bad idea."
Really? They had 90 days to fix this. That is plenty of time.


Leather Rope

Google at a higher level should have contacted Microsoft at a higher level before disclosing the vulnerability regardless of the 90-day clock. Obviously someone lower down the food chain at Microsoft dropped the ball.


Published by Owee , 05.01.2015 at 00:21
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Rick Westly
Rick Westly 6 January 15 01:07 That really isn't Google or our problem. Attackers aren't going to politely wait for Microsoft to fix issues like this, and Microsoft won't fix issues like this unless they are pressed to. And this brings up the glaring flaw with closed source products. If a third party flagged an issue in an open source product, any user that is concerned enough could potentially fix it or patch their own systems themselves. With closed source, we have to wring our hands and wait for someone at Microsoft to care enough to fix it. Text hided expand
Molten 15 January 15 20:16 Google should be the last company to throw stones. Thousands of users of Chrome have had constant crashing issues since version 38. They have not released a notice or a fix and users have been left on their own to solve the problem for months. Text hided expand
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