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Sony Xperia Z4 may miss MWC 2015


 Sony Xperia Z4 may miss MWC 2015

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Xperia Z4 is not in sight, leaving us to assume that we will see it appear at the MWC in early March. And while that would make enough sense, a new report claims that Sony has something a little different in mind is, and that he will still be a few months before it's time to go Z4 official.

The sources said that plans to launch Xperia Z4 from Sony now have closer to summer.

Previously, we were working on the theory that early in the year the opening will be followed by several months of inactivity before the start of sales in May, and then in the Bond movie coming in November amid a new advertising push for the Z4.





Sony needs to spend more money marketing their phones. I'm pretty sure most people don't even know Sony makes phones! Whenever I see a Samsung ad, they are advertising their galaxy phones, so people know about them.  


I can definitely wait especially if Sony plans to update it's camera software with a new camera UI that has more manual controls built in such as manual focus and shutter speed. Anyway, enjoying my Z3 rocking the Flow Home launcher. 



I'd wait till Snapdragon 820 comes out, 810 sounds a bit rushed from the news, hope it's fine though. And also as long as the Lollipop update isn't delayed. 


Published by Owee , 27.01.2015 at 23:12
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Goran 1 February 15 00:30 Nice, they must wait at least till June 2015 for the Z3 completes one year cycle. I always hated the 6 month period. Text hided expand
Zuk 1 February 15 02:23 Sony is going traditional in approach for their upcoming flagship. Quality over quantity . Japanese style. Text hided expand
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