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Exynos 7420 gets tested


 Exynos 7420 gets tested

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With some versions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 expected to feature Exynos 7420 under the hood, chip, seemingly subject test site Geekbench.Odnoyaderny score was 1520 and multicore Tully 5478. In the test results are likely the result of a prototype Samsung Galaxy S6, which has passed through the test.

You may have noticed a 1.5GHz clock speed on the listing. This is probably the result of slower Cortex-53, located in polzovanii.Chip big.LITTLE uses the latest kernels for slow, less-intensive tasks, and Cortex-57 handles heavier jobs.





It will be a device that can't compete with Apple. Apple will be way ahead. Put amd in the mix of pile of garbage. 

Ok Apy

It seems, everybody looks apple chips as the next benchmark point, so they can surpass it,.. never could anyone create a benchmark for their own chips.



So the 1500 Single Core Score are the A57 Cores and the 5500 are all 8 Cores combined.
That is the only reason i can guess why the Multi Core Score is 2000 Points higher than the QS810. The 810 only allows 4 Cores at the same time. So the 2000 difference are the 4 missing A53 Cores. 


Published by Owee , 27.01.2015 at 23:02
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Zuk 1 February 15 00:31 That score is also on a crap,screen and not 2k Text hided expand
Relinan 1 February 15 02:40 Single core still slower than A8 from iphone 6. These are Samsung Mobiles last moments. Text hided expand
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