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Most of Lumia smartphones will be updated Windows 10


In Los Angeles, we’re lucky enough to have roughly, 360 to 354 days of beautiful sunshine each year. Aside from the 8-9 months of sweltering heat—from February to mid April–we get a break. Temperatures drop to a comfortable 65 degrees. Because of this, in LA, you can wear denim all year long. It’s like a second skin for us Angelenos.

In the city of angels, denim reigns supreme. With options from high-end to low–you can get your fix any way, any day from $65-465 depending on your budget. 

To put it bluntly, there’s no shortage of the coarse durable twill-woven fabric! There’s brands of all ranges–most fall somewhere in either the high-end category or low end. But one brand that falls perfectly in the middle is STS Denim. Recently, the brand sent over a pair of their Emma Ankle jeans. Unfinished at the hem and embroidered with neutral tones to create a diamond design–they are so comfortable and hug all the right places without restricting movement. They’re like your favorite well-worn jeans. The ones you go to time and time again–because they’re easy to wear and if given the chance and right pair of heels can be worn from sun up to sun down! Price point for the pair will set you back hardly anything at all– they come in at $59–and that’s such an easy price point for a pair of clean and chic jeans. 

STS Blue: Denim Days Are Here

Yes, they’re that great. But if that weren’t enough–they sent over a jacket to match. And no, I’m not sporting the duo a'la Brittany and Justin circa 2001. Who could forget that faux pas? I mean it read like a book titled,“Diary of a Red Carpet Disaster.” But, that’s not really the point–the point is–the jacket. It’s a boxier cut than I’m used to—and at first, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to love it. But I’ve been wearing it for the last 2 weeks almost every day, save for a few days here and there where I didn’t want people to assume I was just wearing the same outfit for 2 weeks straight. It’s slouchy and just the right amount of cool meets sexy. You can get your own Amanda Fray Hem Oversized Boyfriend jacket here. Plus, it’s a total denim deal! It retails for $79 and you can’t beat that price. 

STS Blue: Denim Days Are Here

So if you’re looking for denim that forgives and denim that says, it’s cool to be chic. Then look no further than STS Denim. Locally made, Los Angeles craved.
Visit my Instagram HERE to see our sneak peak of the jeans and jacket. Just watch our highlighted story titled: STS DENIM. Live by the brand’s motto: “Every Pair of Jeans Tells A Story.” What’s yours? Own some STS? Hashtag #denimdolls and visit: STSDENIM.COM 

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Published by Owee , 23.01.2015 at 17:29


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Nemaro 24 January 15 16:04 I'm guessing all will be able to upgrade, but 512 devices will have limited features and will probably experience speed issues... Text hided expand
Maria 1 February 15 00:03 I hope that the nokia lumia 925 recieve the windows 10 update. Text hided expand
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